Live in harmony with nature in urban space. This is possible with URBALIVE by Plastia®.(Czech Republic) 

Urbalive by Plastia® develops and produces products for the harmony of urban life with nature. Urbalive makes it fun to grow your own food, compost and many other topics.

That is why Urbalive is outstanding.

The Idea of Urbalive

The attention of Urbalive by Plastia® belongs to a large extent to the plants. With the planting of the green oases on balconies and in gardens become part of the endless cycle of nature. become part of the endless cycle of nature. Birds, insects and creepy crawlies are attracted to provide the much needed balance in nature. provide. Urbalive makes products to feed and water nature. Urbalive goes even further and recognizes that even composting needs to be included in the cycle. The compost returns with Urbalive in the form of in the form of high-quality humus and fertilizer. Urbalive's product lines support natural life cycles of plants in urban spaces.

Buy Urbalive by Plastia® in Switzerland

Since 2014, dynco is the official and exclusive Urbalive by Plastia distributor in Switzerland. Dynco distributes the entire Urbalive range in the Swiss specialized trade.

Contact us if you would like to buy Urbalive products in Switzerland and we will be happy to tell you where the nearest Urbalive sales point is located.

    The assortment of Urbalive by Plastia

    The overview of the Urbalive by Plastia® range


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      The Point of sale from Urbalive®

      • Enlivened and attractive point of sale (products and sales promotion)
      • Wide range of products with various themes related to urban life
      • POS material

      Current catalogs from Urbalive

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      The story of Urbalive by Plastia

      From the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands in the Czech Republic, the family business with 30 years of tradition and know-how, today with over 100 employees produces innovative products made of plastic.

      The owner couple Lenka and Stanislav Novotny run the company since 1993 with high passion and a lot of pioneering spirit.

      Plastia strives for maximum sustainability throughout the life cycle of its Urbalive products. For example, waste generated during production is shredded and recycled.