Fountains, planters, decorative fires and more, made of real stone from CLIMAQUA®
- by dynco

CLIMAQUA® is not only beautiful and good fountains, planters, decorative fires and boutique items. It is a successful and in itself functioning brand and sales concept on all levels.
Designed & Developed in Switzerland by dynco.

That is why CLIMAQUA® is outstanding.

The idea of CLIMAQUA®

CLIMAQUA® is the name of our solution to bring nature into people's urban living spaces. Decorative style objects made of real stone for plants, fire, water features and many other beautiful and functional accessories combine to enhance homes, offices, practices, yoga studios, etc. in a natural way.

    Buy CLIMAQUA® directly from the manufacturer

    CLIMAQUA® is also available online for private customers since spring 2021. On the webshop you can find the whole range of products and can order them directly from the manufacturer. Of course, there are also spare parts and accessories in the online store, as well as valuable tips about the CLIMAQUA® articles. The website is constantly enriched with exciting news and content about the world of CLIMAQUA® - it's worth visiting regularly! 

    To the CLIMAQUA® Webshop

      The CLIMAQUA® range

      The overview of the assortment of CLIMAQUA:


        Flower pots




        Indoor fountain


        Garden fountain

        Indoor and outdoor

        Decorative fire


        Boutique items

        The point of sale from CLIMAQUA®

        • Enlivened and attractive point of sale (products and sales promotion) 
        • coherent and self-contained product range with many cross-selling opportunities 
        • Deep range of fountains, decorative fireplaces and planters with graduated price levels and various accessories extensions.
        • POS support

        Current CLIMAQUA® catalog

        Browse through the current CLIMAQUA® catalog here:

        CLIMAQUA® is a father + son story

        In 2011, Erwin Durrer, founder of dynco AG, registered the brand CLIMAQUA in the trademark register. Before that, he had already gained many years of experience with fountains, decorative fires and planters. With the existing network and know-how to found a new product line under a new brand name CLIMAQUA® (combination of climate and aqua, core themes for indoor fountains) was obvious at that time. 

        When Yves joined the company that same year, fresh out of art school, it was his job to take care of the branding - logo, website, product packaging, catalog, instruction manuals, and more. - and much more. 

        Somewhat later, in 2014, he took over product design and gave CLIMAQUA® its now unmistakable signature. At the same time, he became increasingly active in customer support and joined the management of dynco AG in 2018.