Sustainable gardening with the organic natural fertilizer from horse manure from "Pferdeapfel" (Austria)

The natural fertilizer "Pferdeapfel", 100% from Austria, consists of dried, fragrant horse manure, which contains optimal combinations of nutrients for plants and vegetables, making it the perfect biological companion for the garden and houseplants. 

Pferdeapfel not only knows how to convert organic waste into fertilizer, but also stands for quality and sustainability. Pferdeapfel makes a positive contribution to the ecological balance.

That is why Pferdeapfel is outstanding.

The assortment of natural fertilizer Pferdeapfel

The core of the assortment of Pferdeapfel certainly includes the fertilizer, made from horse manure, in pellet form. To complement the range, the brand also offers starter kits with seeds and growing aids.

Pferdeapfel pellets offer numerous advantages. They provide a rich source of nutrients for plants and contribute to soil improvement. Due to their high efficiency and dosability, they allow targeted and sustainable fertilization without the use of chemicals, synthetics or plastics. In addition, the pellets are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, as they are made from natural and clearly not scarce raw materials.

Pferdeapfel is produced 100% in Upper Austria.

    Natural fertilizer

    Sets and seeds

    Pferdeapfel Natural Fertilizer Sales Switzerland

    We are looking forward to representing the Pferdeapfel brand in Switzerland and bringing our many years of experience in the industry to drive the growth and awareness of the Austrian brand in Switzerland. The partnership was concluded in the summer of 2023, so that by 2024 Pferdeapfel products can already be offered in Switzerland at various stationary and digital retail partners. 

    You are interested in the innovative organic fertilizer of the brand Pferdeapfel in your assortment to take up? Then we are very pleased to hear from you - please write to us!

    The point of sale of Pferdeapfel organic fertilizer

    • The WOW effect of Pferdeapfel Organic Fertilizer is in the name and orignial packaging (products and promotion). 
    • An easy to understand and self-explanatory range 
    • Attractive display solution
    • Activates spontaneous purchases for personal use and gifts
    • Sympathy right away through bio and wit
    • Strong sales, thanks to high merchandise value in a small space

    Current catalog of Pferdeapfel natural fertilizer

    Browse the current catalog of Pferdeapfel and discover the versatility of the innovative brand

    The history of Pferdeapfel from Austria

    During a beer brewing event, Thomas, the owner of a horse farm in Upper Austria, and marketing experts Michael and Markus share their thoughts on how they can make good use of the horse manure produced on Thomass' farm. The three come up with an innovative idea: they want to dry the biomass and run it through a pellet machine instead of sawdust. Thomas independently rebuilds the machine to achieve the desired result. The result is extremely efficient pellets that are ideal for fertilizing. To emphasize the natural character of the product, they decide on the appropriate name "Pferdeapfel".

    In 2021, the three decide to present their idea on the Austrian TV show "2 Minuten 2 Millionen" (the German and Swiss equivalent of "Die Höhle der Löwen") and win a distribution deal with the company "Mediashop" there. The brand gains recognition in Austria for the first time.

    The creation of Pferdeapfel is an impressive example of creative and sustainable solutions. Instead of viewing horse manure as waste, Thomas, Michael and Markus recognize the potential to turn it into a valuable product. By drying and pelletizing, the horse manure is transformed into a practical and easy-to-handle form that is ideal for use as a natural fertilizer.