The expert for products made of lambskin, cowhide, wool and leather is FELLHOF (Austria)

From the baby carriage fur sack to the fur patches. From cuddly cottage slippers to bed pads for better sleep - the lambskin products from Fellhof make you happy and ensure well-being.

That's why FELLHOF is outstanding.

Buy Fellhof in Switzerland

Dynco is Fellhof partner Switzerland since 2020. Dynco imports and distributes the Fellhof range for the Swiss trade. 

Contact us if you would like to buy Fellhof in Switzerland and we will tell you where the nearest Fellhof sales point is. If you run a trade, then we will be happy to put together a suitable sales concept for you.

The assortment of FELLHOF

The overview of the current Fellhof assortment


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    For animals

    The point of sale from FELLHOF®

    • Enlivened and attractive point of sale (products and sales promotion) 
    • Coherent and self-contained product range with many cross-selling opportunities 
    • Graduated price levels and various accessory extensions 
    • Regular novelties
    • POS support

    Current catalog from FELLHOF

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    The story of Fellhof

    In 1955, the Eckschlager family ran their small general store in Hof near Salzburg. Then the years rolled on and in 1969 the son Walter Eckschlager discovered a few skins in front of a souvenir store and thought: Why don't we sell them ourselves? With this idea in his luggage, he managed to establish the first contacts with tanneries. But that wasn't enough: Walter Eckschlager soon expanded and operated seven outdoor sales stands throughout Austria, as well as the first fur store in the former general store. His commitment to the brand was further emphasized when he made his first trade show appearance at the "Souvenir" in Salzburg. Then, in 1988, he finally founded "Der Fellhof Vertriebs GmbH".
    In 35 years, Der Fellhof has developed from a grocer's store to an international company.

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