Burning fire properly goes from top to bottom. With the fire basket Pelletray®.
- by dynco

Pelletray® is the original Swiss fire basket, with patent pending, where the fire burns from top to bottom. This has numerous advantages over the traditional fire from the inside to the outside.

That is why Pelletray® is outstanding.

The idea of Pelletray®

The basic conventional understanding of starting a fire is to start with some kindling and small combustible pieces, then slowly build up the flames with larger pieces of wood. This approach is not only ingrained in the minds of Boy Scouts, but also in the 99 percent of all fireplaces and fireplaces that are lit every day. But there is a much better solution to firing: top-down firing. This method has several advantages: The fire burns hotter, longer, and there are fewer emissions (soot and ash).

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    Pelletray® can be purchased worldwide directly from dynco.
    Since 2023, private individuals can buy Pelletray® products directly from the manufacturer via the online store pelletray .com. Of course there are also valuable tips about the Pelletray® articles. Pelletray.com is constantly updated with exciting news and content around the idea of firing from the top down - it's worth a visit!

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      The range of Pelletray®

      It includes three models: Flambo, Rondo/Rondino and Quadro.


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        The story of Pelletray®

        2007 Erwin Durrer has developed a combustion basket called Pelletray® (Pellet + Tray) which burns pieces of wood efficiently from top to bottom. He announces his invention, that of a "combustion basket for the efficient combustion of of wood pieces with versatile oxygen supply from top to bottom" at the patent office in Bern. At that time, however, it was not yet permitted to burn pellets in a stove. burn pellets in a stove. The word pellet therefore appears only in the brand name.
        In the meantime, this timeless and still very practical invention has been imitated many times by other manufacturers who were able to cleverly circumvent the patent. Pelletray® is truly experiencing a revival in 2022-23 with the energy crisis.