Mr. E-ZY makes life easy! Thanks to the integrated pump, Mr. E-ZY inflates itself in record time.

Mr. E-ZY® inflates all by itself at the push of a button thanks to an integrated pump. No more sitting low on a (bath) towel, no more lifting heavy chairs or beds, no more inflated beach chair rentals. Mr. E-ZY makes life easy.

That's why Mr. E-ZY® is outstanding.

The idea of Mr. E-ZY®

No one likes to face the hassle of lugging beach chairs or deck chairs. Apart from their weight, they can damage the car and are not exactly easy to transport by bike. In recent years, however, inflatable air chairs have enjoyed great popularity. These practical seats allow campers or bathers to relax on the beach, for example, without having to lug around heavy furniture. However, there is one drawback: until now, they always had to be inflated by yourself. And that was sometimes quite amusing to watch people frantically running around to fill their air chairs with air, as an influencer named Bas Smit also did viral one day. Mr. E-ZY has now solved this problem with a pump integrated in the air chair.

But that's not all! The integrated powerbank of the Mr. E-ZY can also be be used to charge your smartphone, so you can always stay connected, even even on the beach. At the end of a wonderful day at the beach the Mr. E-ZY and take it back with you in the included spacious carrying case. Whether you're at the park, camping, at the pool, in your own backyard, in your RV, boat or wherever, Mr. E-ZY offers a solution everywhere. a solution.


We are excited about this idea and therefore dynco is official and exclusive Switzerland Mr. E-ZY partner since the product launch in spring 2023.

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        The Mr. E-ZY® Story

        In 2019, Dutchman Simon Rutz had the idea to build an inflatable chair and lounger that could be inflated anywhere in the world without a power grid. After three years of development and testing, the solution came to market with Mr. E-ZY products in the summer of 2023. Lightweight, compact and durable. With the Mr. E-ZY you can create your own place to chill anywhere in the world!