40 years of dynco, new branding
Dynco celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023 and gets new branding
23 January, 2023 through
40 years of dynco, new branding

We celebrate 40 years of Dynco!

... with a new corporate identity

In today's world, it is particularly important for companies to have a convincing and cross-media-compatible presence. In this way, a company can clearly demonstrate its strengths and precisely reach interested parties with its messages. A successful corporate identity not only consists of a logo and an appealing design, it also reflects the company's core values and image. Thus, the new colors played an important role for us. Mint green stands for closeness to nature and inspiration, purple stands for courage and passion, ocher stands for down-to-earthness and continuity.

What's changing: New corporate design, new website, new channels

In the future, the name dynco should be perceived more strongly and precisely by partners and consumers alike. For this purpose, we developed a completely and fundamentally new corporate identity, which is based on the company values and their core themes. The new corporate design not only fits visually into today's world, it also technically meets all the requirements of today's relevant and authoritative communication channels. The four geometric shapes - ball, cube, cone and ring - are representative of our products and are arranged differently depending on the situation. Completely in line with our everyday tasks, for example with product placements.

Dynco content is clearly arranged and informative on the new website. Interested parties can use the website to about dynco, its products and activities and get a comprehensive and get a comprehensive impression of dynco's activities. In addition, there are new communication tools, such as the dynco B2B online store my.dynco.swiss, the new blog channel, the now active Linkedin profile or the networked newsletter.

The new "outstanding products" claim

Dynco selects its products and brands in the portfolio with care. Our 40 years of experience and extensive know-how make us a reliable partner for our customers.

Outstanding products refers to the uniqueness of the selected brands and products themselves, but also to our task of putting them in the right light so that they ultimately stand out in the trade, through whatever channel.

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40 years of dynco, new branding
dynco 23 January, 2023
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